About us

International Volunteering Will in Action (VIVA) is a non-profit organization, apolitical and independent of any religion. It originated in February 2010 as an initiative to create opportunities for those who wish to make a journey with cause. We focus in the areas of environment, culture, informal education, health, conservation and preservation of the environment.

VIVA was born to be a space where young people can develop their skills, and promote exchange, solidarity,  and respect across cultures through voluntary service both nationally and internationally. We generate opportunities to empower our communities through the realization of productive, social and cultural projects.

The International Volunteer team is made up of young people who socially and actively participate within our communities, families and youth groups. We have extensive knowledge of the social, economic, political and cultural issues in Mexico and Chiapas, as most of our members have undergraduate studies in social anthropology, economics, history and/or international relations. We are a dynamic group of young volunteers who have firsthand experienced local, national and international volunteering.  Our background is a key characteristic of the concepts we wish to transform.

In addition, VIVA continues to thank the many people who have directly or indirectly supported us, including ex-volunteers, local and virtual volunteers, and those who continue to work with us.

  • Contribute to the development of a better society through the implementation of informal education through voluntary service.
  • Promote values such as dialogue, peace, intercultural understanding, tolerance, respect, coexistence, collaboration and empathy.
  • Support and promote community-based sustainable development by raising awareness and respect for the environment.
  • Encourage citizen participation in local projects.
  • Create spaces where young people can develop their artistic, sporting, social and educational skills.
  • Generate a working network that fosters the joint work of local, national and international organizations.

To work together as an organization to promote the empowerment of people and their environment through informal education.


International Volunteering Will in Action firmly believes that volunteering transforms and empowers individuals, being the means by which people demonstrate values such as generosity, respect for cultural, personal and social differences, as well as altruism and solidarity for the benefit of personal development and society.