San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas.

VIVA is a youth organization committed to promoting international volunteering particularly in the region of Chiapas, Mexico. 

What is our focus?

We work to create mechanisms for social,
cultural, educational, and environmental

Philosophy and Vision

To us, volunteering is a product of the human will to collaborate; what leads to social responsibility is an exchange of values, a way of sharing and participating for the benefit of both personal and community development.

Volunteer in Mexico

Opportunities consist of local projects with different themes in which volunteers can stay from one month to a year. The activities are related to the philosophy, objectives, mission and vision of each project.

International camps

Two-week long camps offer volunteers the opportunity to interact, coexist and share experiences with young people from different parts of Mexico and the world, mainly from Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Education cannot change the world, however it can change the people who are going to change the world.  Paulo Freire

World map of VIVA projects